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Software for vehicle distributors. Advantages


Lidera Soluciones develops a software for vehicle distributors, designed exclusively for the automotive industry, an integral management solution used to manage all the business areas.

Which are the advantages it brings and why should it be considered in your business?  Find out here

Advantages of using a software for vehicle distributors.

Increase customer satisfaction, simplify the management in your business and get all the advantages that only a reliable software as Spiga+ can provide:

  • Automated management 360º Different modules in the system permit to address all the aspects in your business with an integrated solution, as all of them interact with each other.
  • Complete process for the import of vehicles and parts. This software englobes the cycle of the process related to the nationalization of vehicles and parts, which permits to obtain the registry and traceability of the whole management.
  • Data of the different suppliers, customers, insurance companies and any other third parties taking part in the business are unified in a single database with all the information shared.
  • Stock control Know the status of your parts inventroy at all times, and manage all the movements in the warehouse effectively.
  • Integration with different brands This DMS gets easily integrated with different brands in the sector, automating order and purchase processes between the distributor and the dealers.
  • Automatic Book Entries As a result of the different operations done in any of the modules, the generation of book entries is automatically perfomed in real time, what allows the accounting to be fully updated and coordinated with daily operations
  • Improve the profitability of your business having at all times the information you need to make decisions.
  • Management reports Possibility to customize management reports, easily exportable to different formats
  • Spiga+  is the software for vehicle distributors that provides 360º management of your business. Each of the modules offers a differentiated solution for the diverse needs in your company.
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