The perfect application for the control of management cycles in dealership and workshop.

Spiga+ is a modular application of management for workshops and dealerships and it controls all the management cycles of these businesses. Spiga+ has been developed with the cutting-edge computer technologies and with the functional knowledge of Lidera Soluciones, Grupo Salvador Caetano, Mapfre and Cesvimap.

The application is marketed in three versions, levelled according to the customer’s activities:

Dealership – Professional workshop – Basic workshop

Dealership version includes all the Spiga+ modules, basic workshop version only provides parts and workshop modules and professional workshop version includes basic workshop and financial and used vehicles management modules. Besides that, Spiga+ database can be stored in the customer’s local network or in a Data Center. For this last option, a check on the Internet access line of the installation has to be performed in order to assess the compliance of the minimum requirements.

  • Modular management application for automotive industry: multiple company, multiple site, multiple currency and multiple language
  • Automatic integration online of all the accounting movements created from management
  • Data of third parties (customers/suppliers/insurance companies, etc.) completely unified for all the modules and companies
  • Data of vehicles unified within the whole application
  • Reports of management customized and exportable to MS-Excel or PDF formats
  • Automatic delivery of SMS or e-mails to customers
  • Active Reception. Management of the reception of the vehicle at the workshop by tablet, tool of service sale
  • Management of warehouses through the wireless barcode scanners
  • Control of inputs, outputs and stock
  • Completely adapted to Colombia tax regulation and to accounting international legislation
  • Workflow for the control of miscellaneous purchases and external works of the workshop CRM embedded for the sale of used and new vehicles


Automate your management, make your business profitable and make your customers happy with a powerful tool.


It includes the entire dealership operation, with Spiga+ modules for operation management and integrations with the different brands.


Workshop operation in Spiga+ and accounting management.


Workshop operation in Spiga+ without accounting.


Generation of accounting entries automatically when carrying out operations in management.



Our presence is part of the world. Lidera Soluciones is the appropriate for the internal processes of your dealerships.


Control of management cycles in dealership and workshop.


Perfect for targeted and effective aftersales service.

Parts portal

Parts stock availability, data and conditions of customers.


Automatic creation of book entries when performing management operations.

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