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Monthly Archives: December 2022

We are celebrating 15 years of innovation

Software for vehicle distributors. Advantages.

We are celebrating 15 years of innovation!

Last October has been so special for Lidera Soluciones;

We were celebrating! We have grown a lot over the years, but October 2021 marked the fifteenth year in our history. 15 years supporting our customers in order to get the highest performance through a sustained change, a transformational change and a continuous improvement, always with the objective to provide solutions in the automotive industry. The pandemic did to allow us to celebrate it as desired in 2021, but we have compensated.

Over the years, we have refined our experience, developing our offer of services and extending our customer base. We have always taken into consideration that today鈥檚 economies are changing drastically, caused by the accelerated increase in the use of new technologies, sustainability policies and the changing preferences of consumers around the automotive industry.

Digitalization, increasing automation and the new business models have been our guide since 2006. Our ideal has been to introduce to the market a different alternative in those products and services that could be key in the business of the sector companies, developing our software for dealers, distributors and repair workshops Spiga+.

At present, we benefit from an outstanding record of accomplishment of overcoming challenges. From the very beginning, we focus on creating a corporate culture that supports and encourages, both customers and coworkers, expansion and growth. We have developed solutions that increasingly help the automotive business to improve revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction.聽聽

鈥淭hese 15 years have been fantastic; we have been able to build an expert and prepared team, to provide a professional and quality service.鈥

With the great job of our valuable team, we are more than 14.000 users in 21 countries with 5 different languages;

Definitely, we would not have been able to achieve these 15 years without our customers and large team of collaborators!

We want to thank you for your trust and to make you part of this huge celebration.