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Software for vehicle distributors. Advantages


Lidera Soluciones develops a software for vehicle distributors, designed exclusively for the automotive industry, an integral management solution used to manage all the business areas.

Which are the advantages it brings and why should it be considered in your business?聽 Find out here

Advantages of using a software for vehicle distributors.

Increase customer satisfaction, simplify the management in your business and get all the advantages that only a reliable software as Spiga+ can provide:

  • Automated management 360潞 Different modules in the system permit to address all the aspects in your business with an integrated solution, as all of them interact with each other.
  • Complete process for the import of vehicles and parts. This software englobes the cycle of the process related to the nationalization of vehicles and parts, which permits to obtain the registry and traceability of the whole management.
  • Data of the different suppliers, customers, insurance companies and any other third parties taking part in the business are unified in a single database with all the information shared.
  • Stock control Know the status of your parts inventroy at all times, and manage all the movements in the warehouse effectively.
  • Integration with different brands This DMS gets easily integrated with different brands in the sector, automating order and purchase processes between the distributor and the dealers.
  • Automatic Book Entries As a result of the different operations done in any of the modules, the generation of book entries is automatically perfomed in real time, what allows the accounting to be fully updated and coordinated with daily operations
  • Improve the profitability of your business having at all times the information you need to make decisions.
  • Management reports Possibility to customize management reports, easily exportable to different formats
  • Spiga+聽聽is the software for vehicle distributors that provides 360潞 management of your business. Each of the modules offers a differentiated solution for the diverse needs in your company.

Automotive software: discover what it is and which are the advantages it offers

Software de automoci贸n

Automotive software: discover what it is and which are the advantages it offers

The success of your dealer or workshop is in the automotive software, theautomotive ERP or the automotive DMS. A solution that permits to englobe any aspect in the dealer, repair workshop or even vehicle distributor, impacting in all the management cycles within the automotive business, enabling daily and real information to be obtained to make decisions.

Which are the advantages of an automotive software?

Using a software for dealers or workshops, the processes optimization is one of the main improvements, leading to an evolution in the company productivity, guiding it to success.

The effectiveness in the implementation of this IT solution benefits not only the supplier.聽 The customer expectations are also met and a stable and lasting relationship with the company is established.

For this reason we created聽Spiga+, a totally modular management solution, developed with the latest computer technology that permits the automatic online integration with diverse systems, registry and data collection in all the areas, invoicing and accounting of the different business operations, the execution of multiple management reports, among other benefits that allow it to remain at the forefront and at the pace of the sector. 聽

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Interview Ram贸n Lago in Faconauto Congress

Interview Ram贸n Lago in Faconauto Congress

The automotive business is undergoing significant changes. The brands are betting on a concept change, of direct sale with a major control over the customer experience and the consumer data, turning the dealers into agencies within the commercial area.

聽Our company Lidera Soluciones is prepared for this shift, offering global solutions that permit the brands, workshop and dealers to control all the management cycles in the automotive business. We also cowork with dealers and workshops to guarantee our tool is fully adapted to the current needs.

We work on mobile applications to be used from smartphones or tablets, directly communicated with our dms, avoiding paper use and reducing time in logical business processes.

We are celebrating 15 years of innovation

Software for vehicle distributors. Advantages.

We are celebrating 15 years of innovation!

Last October has been so special for Lidera Soluciones;

We were celebrating! We have grown a lot over the years, but October 2021 marked the fifteenth year in our history. 15 years supporting our customers in order to get the highest performance through a sustained change, a transformational change and a continuous improvement, always with the objective to provide solutions in the automotive industry. The pandemic did to allow us to celebrate it as desired in 2021, but we have compensated.

Over the years, we have refined our experience, developing our offer of services and extending our customer base. We have always taken into consideration that today鈥檚 economies are changing drastically, caused by the accelerated increase in the use of new technologies, sustainability policies and the changing preferences of consumers around the automotive industry.

Digitalization, increasing automation and the new business models have been our guide since 2006. Our ideal has been to introduce to the market a different alternative in those products and services that could be key in the business of the sector companies, developing our software for dealers, distributors and repair workshops Spiga+.

At present, we benefit from an outstanding record of accomplishment of overcoming challenges. From the very beginning, we focus on creating a corporate culture that supports and encourages, both customers and coworkers, expansion and growth. We have developed solutions that increasingly help the automotive business to improve revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction.聽聽

鈥淭hese 15 years have been fantastic; we have been able to build an expert and prepared team, to provide a professional and quality service.鈥

With the great job of our valuable team, we are more than 14.000 users in 21 countries with 5 different languages;

Definitely, we would not have been able to achieve these 15 years without our customers and large team of collaborators!

We want to thank you for your trust and to make you part of this huge celebration.